Address: Av. Corrientes 6735 – Chacarita

It is located where the Great Avenue ends. This is one of those restaurants that do not show the passage of time and that remind of the origins of the neighborhood, the simplicity of the daily life some decades ago.
It is a small and simple place to have a good time hanging out with friends. The decoration is primitive and many times you have to wait in order to get a seat. Despite of said fact, the fast service and the quality of the waiters stands out.
It is a classic restaurant that gave pizza its place. Among the 14 varieties of pizza there is one that stands out: the “Gran Albamonte” that has mozzarella cheese, ham, egg, pepper and palm tree cores. The people who go there very often say that it is one of the best pizzas in town. Other specialties stand out such as pastas or more local food such as “matambre”.
It is closed on Mondays.